The type of financing option you use is as important as the system itself.

Peak Power personally works with some of the largest and most respected banks in the country. With them, we’ve created financing options for every person and every financial situation. Federal tax credits are a big one: you’ll be reimbursed 30% of the system cost. Affordability is your biggest concern, so we make it simplistic to bring down the cost. When you consider the savings ($143/month forever) going solar is a great choice.

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Our Financing Solutions

Peak Power Solutions Inc - Solar Company

Spruce Finance

Spruce Finance provides financing for residential solar and energy efficiency
improvements that may help homeowners save on power, heating and cooling,
and water. Sold through a national network of professional contractors, our
finance products are available on one convenient software platform.

  • Solar PACE
  • Solar Loan
  • Solar PPA

No matter how a homeowner wants to finance a home solar system or energy
efficiency improvements, we’ve got the product.

All products have an option for no upfront costs.


10, 15 & 20 Year Combo Loan

The Admirals Bank combo loan offers rates as low as 2.99%. This loan allows the homeowner to pay down the loan faster than any other finance option that Peak offers. With this option there are 2 loans, one that is 30% of the total contract price (this loan is a 1 year same as cash with no interest), the other loan is the remainder of the contract price for a 10, 15 or 20 year term.

  • 2.99% interest
  • ZERO down
  • 10, 15 or 20 year term
  • 700 fico
  • No prepayment penalty
Peak Power Solutions Inc - Solar Company
Peak Power Solutions


Home equity lines of credit

Home equity lines of credit (HELOC) are a very popular method of financing for PV systems as it allows customers to pay the loans down at their own pace. HELOCs allow customers to see immediate positive cash flow from day one with interest-only minimum monthly payments. Some additional facts are:

  • Excellent way to reduce expenses
  • Tax benefits
  • Long term amortization
  • Secured




Not on your personal credit
Tax deductibility payment options
Loan stays with home upon sale

Peak Power Solutions Inc - Solar Company

Thinking about it?

We’d love to make your financial decision easy and assess which kind of financing is your best fit.