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Thank You for Choosing

I am looking forward to speaking with you and informing you on all angles that pertain to you GOING SOLAR.

More than just service, substance.

I installed solar with Tyler Mason. He has been amazing. All the process went smooth. Installed really quickly and professionally, he helped me with the tax credit, got my solar running without a problem for almost 2 years now. Very pleased and have sent Tyler to friends and family.

Jason Roper

We truly enjoyed our experience. Tyler was very helpful. Through the whole process he is right there to answer any questions you have or any issues or concerns. A+++++ all the way

Alia Watson

Tyler Mason
Solar Specialist

Connect with me today and start forging your road to energy liberation!

A Little About Myself

After spending time in numerous markets since 2011, the constant that never changes is people. Everyone I’ve spoken to has the inner drive to be independent. In the realm of energy, it is no different. Owning a solar system for power generation purposes brings about a unique freedom that only recently was attainable for the public.

That is the centerpiece of joy as to why I do what I do; helping people cut ties with traditional paradigms that did little to benefit them in the first place, while maximizing the financial investment over time. When talking about subjects as money and home ownership, I recognize the sensitivity level for many people and strive to draw upon my interactions with others as an assurance mechanism with all my clients.

I don’t take lightly to the fact that we are embarking on a construction project on your highest-priced asset; peace of mind and ironclad assurances are the foundation beneath all relationships. My commitment is to be consistent and authentic in my word, paired with complimentary and timely action.

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