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Solar Industry Cost Curtain Pulled Back!

Before the cinema existed or any modern form of mass media for that matter, people sought entertainment by going to the local playhouse/theatre. Reflecting back far before the Peak Power Solutions days, my initial vision took me back to reading Shakespeare in high school. Five-part plays, in which they used a curtain closure/opening to separate [...]

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How the “Trump Tariff” Effects Solar

The Trumpet has Sounded At the start of each new year, many in our industry await what incentives, rebates, and/or tax breaks will be added, changed, or removed. After all, these were the economic mechanisms used to attract customers and blossom the industry into what it is today. The most pressing topic affecting the solar [...]

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Kilowatt-Hour vs. Crypto Currency…

The news is dominated these days with the emergence of crypto-currency. With the dollar and other forms of age-old physical currency losing both value and consumer confidence, the virtual crypto-currencies (such as bitcoin) have created both fever and allure as it is neither issued by nor subject to the potentially interfering and manipulating ways of [...]

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To Battery or NOT to Battery?

As I do on most mornings, I check the weather forecast in southern California and around the state. I’m sure there are many other solar system owners like me who are curious to know if they will be generating power during the day in question. In addition to that perspective, I started to reflect on [...]

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