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Solar Facts

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Solar Facts

Here are some quick and interesting facts about solar energy!

  • One kilowatt equals 1,000 watts (that’s 10 – 100 watt light bulbs)
  • One kilowatt-hour (kWh) equals 1000 watts burned on one hour or the amount of electricity needed to burn a 10 – 100 watt light bulb for 1 hour.
  • A sunny location (like Southern California) receives an average of 6 productive hours of sunlight per day each year – 20 year weather pattern average.
  • Solar modules produce electricity even on cloudy days and perform best when it is cool and sunny
  • The typical components of a solar home system include the solar module, an inverter or micro inerters, wiring, and support structure.
  • A typical silicon cell solar module will have a productive warrantied life in excess of 25 years but may produce electricity for over 50
  • Monthly average residential consumption of electricity in the US in 2012was 903
    kilowatt hours. (Source:
  • The first practical solar cell was created by Bell Laboratories in 1954. It only
    produced 1 Watt of energy
  • Albert Einstein earned a Nobel Prize in physics for explaining photovoltaic effect ( (creation of electricity from the sun’s rays)
  • At any given time, the Earth receives 174 petawatts of energy from the sun. This is equivalent to 174 Trillion kilowatts and is 6,000 times our worldwide energy usage
  • Production of 1 kilowatt of solar energy is equivalent to burning 170 pounds of coal which releases 300 pounds of carbon dioxide. This is comparable to preventing 15 gallons of gas from ever being used.


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