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Our Process

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Here’s how simple we make it.

Learn Process


Knowledge is Power

At Peak Power we believe education and understanding are essential before you invest in a solar system. Our Knowledge truly is your power! Our expert project consultants respond to all your questions prior to laying out every aspect of your solar system from performance metrics to the financial economics, in a comprehensive yet easily understood study. After years of experience and a track record of proven results, our process speaks for itself.

A thorough understanding of the following allows you to make a confident decision:

How Solar Power Works
The Benefits of Solar Power
Financing Options
System Size
Return on Investment

Go Solar Process


Simply put the smartest investment for your life at home and for the planet.

When did you last look at your electric bill to truly understand It? It can be confusing! But if you Contact Us for a Free Consultation we remove the confusion, listen to your goals and assess usage patterns. We then propose investment options to help you make a well-informed decision. With your FREE Detailed Solar Analysis in hand you can move ahead in life with control, predictability, savings and even earnings from your power usage!

With electric rates escalating and tax and inflation increasing, deciding to take control of your utility costs by going solar is more important than ever! The most expensive decision is to do nothing.

Finance Process


There are features and benefits of each finance option.

How you choose to pay for your solar system is a key component in assuring your needs are met. Today’s solar market offers a variety of financing options and understanding them clearly will help you avoid being sold something that may not be the best option for your situation. Peak Power can help you find the right financing solution. We make it easy!

Measure Process


An essential step to designing the right system the first time.

Our measure personnel come to site to take photos, measurements and all other site specific data needed for proper design & engineering. Peak Power has an amazing reputation with all local Southern Californian authorities, city, county or Homeowner associations. We perform third party consulting for select HOA’s that use our high standards of design and engineering for the projects in their communities. Have peace of mind knowing that your project has been properly thought out and designed to provide you with years of comfort and security, protecting you from poor workmanship and higher costs of living.

Engineer Process


Custom configured for optimal performance

Peak Power’s Experience, Knowledge, Tools and Skills work together to provide a Superior Solar Solution configured for optimal performance. Your system is engineered to exceed local code standards and to produce outstanding results with quality in mind.

City Approval Process


Permit Sign Off

Peak Powers staff facilitates the permit preparation, submittal, corrections and approval process with the county or city having jurisdiction, including your home owners association (HOA). Once installation is complete, we schedule and meet the City for final inspection authorization.

Installation Process


The best of the best

Just because a system turns on does not mean a skilled craftsman did the work! Many things go into doing it right and making it look simple. We take the utmost pride in possessing the craftsmanship required to assemble and install a project that is going to last! Our crews are not individual sub contactors or day laborers. At Peak, every installer is a safety- conscious, goal-minded employee. We comfortably set the pace in the industry for getting from Decision Day to Savings Day, with many projects getting to city final approval in 3 to 4 weeksv>

Permission to Operate Process


Your solar energy system is ready to be turned on!

Once the City final inspection card has been signed, your home or business needs to be considered a “Distributed Generation” facility with the utility. Your city must inform the utility of a complete system needing a PTO or Permission to Operate inspection. After the PTO has been authorized, the system is ready to go! The local utility has rules and procedures, generally based on national standards, that must be followed to connect any solar energy system to the grid safely and legally. Of course all Peak Power installations fully comply with these standards.

Enjoy Savings with our Process


You’re producing your own clean energy

Congratulations! Once PTO is obtained you are now avoiding utility cost increases and have become part of a larger interconnected power grid. This helps everyone, but Permission to Operate is only the beginning! You’ll find your first post solar bill very interesting! Imagine all that you can do with those savings, which will only prove your decision to be better and better over time.

Our customer service team is here to help.
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We welcome you to the Peak Power family!

Our Process

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