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Solar as an Investment – Part 1

Dollar Cost Averaging: The Sound Approach When I was investigating the fund options and percentage allocations for my 401k the other day, I read the prospectus for the funds that had the greatest appeal. My search criteria was probably nothing too startling to you, me, or the next guy. I wanted to know the fund [...]

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I Don’t Want That Debt!

As you spend each dollar in life, you want to know that you are deriving some level of value in return. Whether it’s buying groceries, paying mortgage, or investing in a educational pursuit, our hope is the boomerang we sent out (our time and money) lands back in our hands wrapped in value and increased [...]

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Solar Power is Your Energy Liberation!

Shaking Off the Dust of an Age-Old Paradigm Like me, I’m sure the single-most substantial purchase you’ve made, or will make, in your lifetime is your home. We want our homes to not only provide a reliable and enjoyable place to build memories with family and friends, but also yield a return of investment. In [...]

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