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What Do You Get Out of Your Utility Besides Power?

Knowing the Value Proposition of Your Local Utility I’m sure you’ve looked around and noticed the sharp increase in solar panels on the roofs of your neighbors, and in general where ever you go throughout California. It is clear that many out there are both conscious of the low return if investment they receive from [...]

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Solar Overproduction

Stacking Nest Eggs With three decades under my belt in the electrical industry, I’m always striving to better understand customer perceptions as it relates to the services they receive. I’ve taken this drive and weaved it into the very fabric of Peak Power Solutions so that we can constantly be relatable to our customers, while [...]

Solar True Up Explained

The Truths of True Up Our lives are saturated with so many types of contracts, warranties, and overall service expectations; all that “legalese” requires its own filing cabinet in your garage in some cases! However, there is often a “selling point” that took you over the threshold when you decided what car you wanted while [...]

Solar Net Metering, What is It?

Netting Maximum Benefit Welcome to another installment of the Peak Power Solutions blog, your trusted conduit of information into the the ever-evolving world of solar, energy storage, and energy management. We’ve covered some serious ground over the last few months, ranging from understanding the industry verbiage to the financing aspects of solar. It is our [...]

Solar Power is Your Energy Liberation!

Shaking Off the Dust of an Age-Old Paradigm Like me, I’m sure the single-most substantial purchase you’ve made, or will make, in your lifetime is your home. We want our homes to not only provide a reliable and enjoyable place to build memories with family and friends, but also yield a return of investment. In [...]

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